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The Social Poets - news, political opinion, poetry and lots of humor posts

The Healing Waters - latest health news and good news of people making a difference

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations - inspirational quotes with spiritual thoughts commentary

The Soul Calendar - latest science news, especially our universe within as well as without: psychology, neuroscience and astronomy

Romancing The Chocolate - recipes for entertaining for your casual gathering or special holiday, lots of chocolate cake and dessert recipes, food videos

Comfort Food From Louisiana - recipes for casual entertaining as well as holidays, lots of seafood recipes and other comfort foods, food videos

Unusual 2 Tasty - lots of recipes from international cuisines as well as American comfort food, food videos

Dennys Blog Feeds - where you can take a look at all 14 blogs at a glance for blog descriptions and latest post headline

Dennys Funny Quotes - intelligent humor with lots of amusing quotes, weird news, funny videos

Dennys Global Politics - ongoing summaries of latest world news and commentary as to why this is important to us

Dennys Art Sanctuary - newest blog, writing posts on all kinds of music and growing a blog roll of graphic artists

Visual Insights - photo blog of themed posts where I find great photos from flickr in Creative Commons, also my own restored geneaology photos of past generations

Ouch Outrageous Obnoxious And Odd - the crazy things I find while researching from biting, stinging cartoons, jokes, odd news and funny videos

Blogs I Like

Spiritual Information, Meditation, Meditation Techniques

Mystical Poetry, Prose, and Political Viewpoints 

The Changeful Storm - poetry blog from fellow StumbleUpon friend, Neva Flores, who writes a lot of love and spiritual poetry.


Beautiful Life

2leep - connecting bloggers

Dean J. Baker – Poetry, and prose poems


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