Complete Poem List

eye i 

God Talked

when the angels cry for us

Poem From God

Love Gift

The Owl Speaks

A Protesters Poem

Black Queen Guardian

It Isnt In Me

Those Funny Memories


The Long Road, An Easter Poem

Angel Diaries: Samuel

In Passing

The People Seasons

Mother Holy Spirit

Blue Heron Balancing The Wind

Silent Voice Singing

Water Of Life

Poem From God

New Years Reflection: Wine Glass Abyss

The International Spy

Louisiana Summer Sigh

Eyeing Think Time

Life Of Words


Gifts From The Heart, A Christmas Poem

People Words

Waking The Day

A Thought

Rock, My Children

Rain Blessings

The Interesting Man

A Man in Love

The Heart Remembers

Loving You

Opposites In Love: Night And Day

The Understanding

Vision of The Gardener Prophet

Walk The World

Sweltering Summer Heat

Fourth of July When Life is Simple

An Audience of One

Life is About Everything

Stepping Through Life

Hope Transforms

Jazz Music

Angels Left Behind: Orphans of the World

Water of Life

Peace Upon The Land

Snowing The Perfect Balance

Three Endings and One Beginning

The Mystics Arrive

We Are All Sleeping Beauties

Legacy of Love

Hope Transforms

Pollen Storms

Honoring Ourselves

The 11 Choices

The Smallest Earth Day Poem

One Mother and One Child

Release Your Dreams and Spring into Life

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