Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Primordial Dragon

From Denny: What is it with humanity's fascination with winged beings, be they angel or dragon? In an online writing group there was a challenge to write about dragons. What fun! Everyone wrote about dragons as evil vicious beasts as from the Western mythology.

Well, I spent most of my high school in Asia where the mythology is far different, Chinese mythology, that is. Come on; it seemed every time I turned around there was a street festival with the lion and dragon dances performed for good luck and prosperity!

There in Taiwan the dragons are revered and considered an archetype for primordial creation itself. Blue dragons in particular were the bringers of fertility to the land to help mankind’s harvest. So, the online writing group challenged me to write about the good dragons!

As I started writing, it was evident I could do more with this little vignette, like parlay this into a book later. This scene is not complete but will give you an idea of the Asian dragons. Enjoy the little fantasy prose. What will you write about your dragons?

Primordial Dragon

An Angel appeared at my door, cloaked in midnight dark dress

Summoning me into The Presence, who would say No?

As I walked outside an eclipse was slowly advancing into place

The eclipse was eerie; uncomfortable, I wished to hide

I balked at leaving my home while the eclipse was in the sky

Pleading the Angel to wait, maybe it’s wise to go after a while?

The Angel sternly, No, now is the auspicious Time to travel

For we are in the Realm of Knowledge who waits in secret dark

Here we travel within the hidden Library to our destiny long planned

As our long walk ended, revealed was a vast smooth speaking lake

At the water’s edge standing two blue water dragons easily tethered

They furiously pawed the ground, their large claws spreading dirt

They said they were busy seeding for humanity’s harvest year next

Apprentices they were to the feared primordial dragon clan

Half grown, young skin shining royal blue in the quiet land

The Angel untied them, climbed onto his, behind the large boney head

My dragon advanced toward me, in fear I stepped back, wanting none

He lowered his glowing eyes to the ground, knelt down on all fours

I mustered my courage, climbed on to the seat he provided, to ride

The young joyful dragons arched up, pulling their wings to spread wide

Dust stirred up high in swirls all around us as the dragons gathered wind

Their huge arched scaly wings beat the air stronger, faster, some more

When they jumped off the land they were standing, into the air we flew

The force was so strong I gasped for breath, he caught me in time, he knew

Patted a front claw to the top of my head to hold me from falling, yes, gently

Poised carefully, hovering balanced that sharp claw while we gracefully flew

Soon I relaxed on his neck, enjoying the wind rushing by, more confidence grew

Denny Lyon
Copyright 8 July 2008
All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credits

Photo 1 - Photo by wili_hybrid @ flickr of a dragon in Slovenia

Photo 2 - Photo by LadyAmada @ flickr

Photo 3 - Photo by tehusagent @ flickr


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