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The Long Road, An Easter Poem

Road to nowhere
From Denny:  An Easter poem about how sacrifice can deliver unexpected pleasant surprises.  With global protests against oppressive governments, like the Arab Spring in the Middle East, and against greedy Big Business like the Occupy Protests in the West, it is evident there is great need in the world.

When economic times and society get hard pressed what is the one thing you can do about all the wrong going on around you?  You can be a friend.  You can slow down, even come to a full stop on your own life, and look around to see what is happening in your vicinity.

To address the needs, think of offering some real friendship and mentor those around you.  You will be surprised how many people will tell you how glad they are you took time for them as they thought no one would ever notice how much they were struggling.  It could be at work, at church, your neighborhood, the local grocery store, anywhere.  Offering the fact that you care is often the most appreciated.

It's Easter week when the concept of rebirth is all around us and the Spring weather sure is heating up a couple of months sooner than usual.  The weather patterns have definitely changed as a result of global warming and climate change.

Speaking of hot weather, here’s a poem I wrote last July 2008. Sometimes I paint my insights, sometimes I journal my dreams, and, sometimes, those spiritual visions become poetry.

Since I wrote this poem I ran across a health study (which I placed on my health blog, The Healing Waters, go here) about how friendship helps boost your immune system to overcome disease and give us longer life. That new validation dovetails nicely into this poem about the offering of friendship among strangers.

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Road to nowhere

The Long Road

I was walking along a narrow long road
It stretched dry dirt, winding horizon bound
Few canopy shade-welcoming trees there were
The hot sun stared down unrelentingly, glaring

Many people there were up ahead in the long distance
I squinted my eyes to see better and saw countless advancing
Why was I walking alone with so many far forward?
I wondered out loud. Why won’t they slow down?
I complained inside. Don’t they see me, hear my steps?
I mourned deeply low, hoping no one could hear my cry

I pushed on, focused my thoughts long and deep
I walked along in contemplative self-absorption
I pondered the meaning of life so disconnected, alone

The Road to Loneliness

When suddenly it occurred to me to a gentle stop come
The thought tugged at me to turn around, look behind
There in the sweltering distance, a few stragglers like me
Following behind them a large crowd distant orbit, far away

Waited and waited some more I did, those few to catch up, see me
Gasping for breath, with hard effort they coughed their thanks effusively
Lightheartedly we wiled away the hours; we laughed and laughed, talked more
When, all at once, they quickly tired, melted away, a little roadside, veered off

Sitting down, enjoyed they long rest; traveling beyond the hot road continued me
They waved smiling, content goodbye; pieces, my heart, left abiding with theirs
Again alone on the road I began to mull over, lingering visit I weighed
The day grew longer, hotter, more difficult to endure, yet journeyed I

Changing focus out of reverie, scouting the people far before me
I looked up to find, abruptly, stopped square in my path, one man standing
His eyes were sparkling, his attention riveted eagerly upon mine
Who are you? I asked startled, surprised, this sudden company of one

His deliberate smile widening, he carefully spoke,
It was now my time to stop, slow down to meet you

Long Road's End

Denny Lyon
Copyright 18 July 2008
All Rights Reserved

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