Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Louisiana Summer Sigh

When the seasons change in our life.

Louisiana Summer Sigh

The July summer heat
Puffed its cheeks out
Like a pouting stubborn child
Told, “Go to bed, now!”

The hundred degree scorching
Soared as hot as that child’s temper
Weighing down the droopy moist air
Like that child’s protruding lower lip.

The scent of change wafted near
Fluttering sweetly on dragonfly wings
Ghostly mid-July presence announced
“Fall approaches; change is coming.”

The heat slowed from fever pitch
Like the child’s temper calming a bit
Then mid-August Perseid meteor showers
Chased high across the sky, amused our inner child.

The heavy August moon, huge eyes hung low
Pointed the way, “Look up! Change is coming!”
The night sky’s face moved different in one instant
Like the child’s, transformed new starred wonder.

The breezes stirred more often late summer
Growing stronger, more bold in their invite
Cooler weather calmed stormy tempers
Like the hugging arms of a patient mother.

The hurricane season of stormy tempers passed
The child’s once fuming countenance restored
Fall lovingly dried the moist air’s heavy tears
Like the child’s face lifted up to his mother’s

All smiles and joy. Breathe.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 14 August 2009
All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credits

Angry child photo by mdanys @ flickr

Pouting child photo by @ flickr

Lake Martin Swamp, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana photo by onealchristopher @ flickr

River Road Plantation, Louisiana by New Orleans Lady @ flickr

Happy little boy Photo by OakleyOriginals @ flickr

Smiling child photo by Pink Sherbet Photography @ flickr

Blowing bubbles photo by Pink Sherbet Photography @ flickr

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