Monday, January 24, 2011

Blue Heron Balancing the Wind

The agony and victory of creating our balance in Life.

Blue Heron Balancing the Wind

blue heron

Opening wide, wide generous expanding unfolding, unhurried wings
Lifting, boosting bulky body high high highest, gradual soaring jump
Flapping misty soft blue feathers, gray slide and dive swoop
Touched lovingly humid beginning July morn, fanning out, pounce
Pearled smoking round lake awakened lazy beneath Louisiana sky

Great Blue Heron

Dawdling wings, tall crane-necked, rapid stutter, deep low cawing crow

Great Blue Heron flies overhead

Whispering wings sweep floating detritus dust a twirl
Beckoned wealthy promising huge oak tree, melodiously sighed
Alighted unbounded treetop, graceful majestic massive Blue Heron
Decided not immense strong crook, ignoring rotund serious branch
Cupped successfully not his heavy burdensome weight well allied

Great Blue Heron pair preparing a nest (bird), at the Morro Bay, CA, Heron Rookery

Perched, wings tucked bye, steps delicately amid branching fingers
Swaying, violent frail tree tips ache, aye yearn, goodbye
Plying patience he pried, forced, the heavy tedious air freed
Captive branches pensive, pondering insistent, resolute attended perch
Bouncing up, down, Blue Heron lingering, remained, he considered

Great Blue Heron

Veiled summer hazed sun examining the growing quest, peered down
Enchanted Blue Heron hopped, pedaled the air, he, the day, danced on
Bobbing, weaving, lurching balance arranged delicate small leafed limbs
Roost accepted, settling in, putting down roots elevated airborne, new home
Balanced, happy, content: the bird, the tree, the soft breezing wind

Great Blue Heron

Balanced the bird
Happy the tree
Content the soft breezing wind
Harmony as One, One in All

Great Blue Heron

Beauty bird pleased, gratified, elongated beaked gaze nourished and sweet
Beauty sentinel gazing, dreamy, witnessing hot summer, the slow rising day
Beauty blue feathered heron citizen in the blue wakening summer sky

Great Blue Heron

Beauty in his expanding world, scout discerning surplus sight
One Blue Heron, calmed, serene, no longer wobbling, satiated, at Peace
Glimpsing his towering tranquil perch, he radiates exuding the smooth day
Oh, so relaxed, eased sleepy, whispers loudly the yielding wind, He balances Life!

Great Blue Heron

Denny Lyon
Copyright 15 July 2008
All Rights Reserved

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