Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Poem: The Owl Speaks

Great Horned Owl

From Denny:  Do you ever wake a couple of hours before dawn, deep in thought, only to hear the sounds of Nature speaking to you just outside your window?  Do you ever stop and concentrate upon the messages speaking all around you?  This poem is one of those times...

the owl speaks

awakening to the dark hours 
of the cold autumn morn
to my deep thoughts

of the dark night
waited with me

an owl spoke solo
the travel of my thoughts

wiped the sleep off my face
stretched, sat up in bed
walked to the window

peered out to see him
perched high against the sky
sitting in the barren winter tree

spoke the shadowed big owl
his song lit a candle in my mind
assuring blessings were mine

"watch for your blessings," he sang
"keep a close eye to see"
the owl sang on until the sun rose

his song trailed off and faded
falling asleep again
dreaming with a smile

warm rosy dawn
peeking warm light
through my new window

awakening again to a new day
the soft rain dripped from heaven
the sun shone brightly on my rainbow

Winking Owl

Denny Lyon
Copyright 27 Nov 2011
All Rights Reserved

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