Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Protesters Poem

American Flag

From Denny:  One thing about staking out my poetic position as a Social Issues Poet (SIP) is that there sure is no shortage of tough issues to tackle, bring awareness to, argue and present probable solutions.  With the struggles of humanity to mature spirituallycome the challenges of everyday living.  That includes bad leaders, wars and economic issues on a global scale.

This poem recognizes all those who display the courage to raise their voices against tyranny and greed.  Dedicated to the global Occupy Wall Street protesters and the Middle East Arab Spring protests - and now the tens of thousands protesting in Russia against Putin and a stolen national election.  Leaders need to wake up and realize the only definition of "leadership" is that you truly care about and take care of your people.

Anything else falls short.  Where there is true caring the country is at Peace and balanced economically.

for love of country

when the world turns wrong
and indifference reigns
the people take to the streets


when national leaders ignore
suffering, fears and destruction
the people raise their voices
rallying against


when business promotes
financial slavery
destroying jobs and
millions of homes for


when politics praises
the nation's warriors
on the battlefield yet
denies help when they return


is this good?

when leaders call evil
as if it were good and


good as if it were evil
there is injustice
stalking the land

a people join together
creating a great nation
each helping the other

for love of country

government forms
to right the wrongs
celebrating justice
and equality

for love of country

but when the government
fills with people of greed
indifference and depravity

the people gather
in the streets to protest
risking their lives
their jobs
their future

for love of country

we the people
we are the country
we love

Denny Lyon
Copyright 5 Nov 2011
All Rights Reserved

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