Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poem From God

Even God has a sense of humor about how to handle repeated rejection. Take a look.

Turning Up Roses

Poem From God

How many times have you lamented the experience of constant rejections in life?
How many times have you dreaded getting up in the morning to face more rejection?
Writers, artists, actors, sales and customer service people intimately know rejection.
So do the unemployed know rejection, especially those without jobs for months, years.

The Deepest Pain = Layers

Do you ever sit down in an emotional puddle and roll in the misery of getting rejected?
“Who hasn’t?” would be a more accurate question. Everyone has visited the Pity Party.
People advise you to “Get over it!” but you can’t seem to pull yourself out of the dark pit.
Others tell you to quit being so sensitive but the hurt of rejection lingers with a stench.

banksy - peaceful hearts doctor - 3

You wonder to yourself how to deal effectively with the sting of repeated rejection?
It’s good to look at rejection from a completely different perspective: God’s.
How does the Creator of the Universe deal with repeated rejection? What’s His take?
God has a great sense of humor, for, after all, we are made in His Image, right?

on Glasses and it's Contents...

One day I sat down to listen to what God had to say about dealing with rejection.
And God said, “Do you think I don’t know rejection? Every day I go to work.
“Half the people on this planet wake up refusing to have anything to do with Me.
“I go to work anyway. The song of Love calls to their hearts and I await their answer.”

Denny Lyon
Copyright 8 Oct 2010
All Rights Reserved

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