Thursday, January 31, 2013

When The Angels Cry For Us

The Guardian Angel
The Guardian Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do we look to outside observers as we live our lives, especially those of us who do not grow, re-think our approach and change from our experiences?

What About Angels?
From Denny:  Humanity spends a lot of time agonizing over "what other people think" about them. What if we are observed by what we cannot physically see - yet sense on a deeper level?
What if angelic beings are real and just exist in a veiled close dimension of time but are not present in our exact time and space? How do you think they might perceive our daily lives and choices as they are witness to our time here on Earth?
Forever playing the "what if?" game - and other virtually useless mind wanderings I am prone to do like most writers and poets - came the following poem concerning humanity's free will.  How many people have you observed who, sadly, live like this? I've known far too many who keep recycling the same unproductive choices and often contemplated if they realize how they appear to those around them.

Love Light Square Compact Mirror

Let your love light shine!

Photo by alicepopkorn @ flickr.  She is one of my most favorites there as she is always pushing the envelope on mind perception!
Photo by alicepopkorn @ flickr. She is one of my most favorites at flickr as she is always pushing the envelope on mind perception!

when the angels cry for us

when our inner light dims and cools to lunar blue

the angels are crying our saddest sorrows


unnoticed, standing off to the sidelines of our lives

they watch and wait; they wait and watch:  wondering...

patient upon free will acting... choosing... losing...


a lonely soul, so weary of feeling alone, reaches out

this lonely soul rushing forward without consideration

having chanced upon a mirrored self... reflecting


the lonely soul quickly attaches its desire to the other

wishing... hoping... nurturing fantasy into reality

that strangely never comes... breathes no life


disillusionment arrives to the lonely soul

as reality too soon reveals the unwelcome sight of

beauty turned inside out... surprised ugliness... unexpected


a sudden gust of wind arrives, the fantasy explodes

like a mirror shattered upon the ground

the pieces of glass like the relationship... sharp... jagged


illusion and one-sided reflected the pairing

two who could never join as one 

only one engaged... not a relationship complete


downcast, sad... unrepentant... refusing truth

the lonely soul rushes on without consideration

seeking another mirrored self reflecting


the angels mourn for the lonely grasping soul

who remains unseen... unloved... overlooked...

acting... choosing... losing... frantically re-cycling 





when the light dims all around us... in us...

and the air cools to midnight lunar blue

the angels are mourning love not yet found... unfulfilled


the angels wonder:  will the process cease and die?

will the lonely soul quit chasing their reflection?


Denny Lyon

Copyright 2009

* revised and polished yet again, Copyright 31 Jan 2013

All Rights Reserved 

Christmas Peace Star Round Compact Mirror

Christmas Peace Star greets the holiday season

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