Saturday, February 2, 2013

Angels Bridge

*** If you like stories about real life angel experiences, then this is a must read!

From Denny:  Writing poetry is so perfect a medium to express this type of unusual experience.  Have you ever experienced some odd situations that afterward you realized were an angelic visitation?

It started out as a meeting in the grocery store when a strange old man started talking to me - and kept talking.  I went to the store for my weekly groceries and came away with so much more:  validation I was on the right track in life.

Angels often interact with us in the strangest of ways.  They first appear to be mundane and predictable until the awareness seeps in, that the meeting was so much more than at first glance.  Check out what this old man had to say.  Have you ever had similar odd experiences only to realize years later how special it was?

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angels bridge

we first met at the grocery store:
an old strange man approached
and started talking- and talking

strange people come up
and talk to me all the time
like they have known me for years

happening a lot lately, don’t know why,
but life intersects and
i just go with the flow

he seemed to have so much to say
and so i gave him a long studious listen

his unique style:
a fast running monologue
asking deep thoughtful questions

at first, i have to admit, wondering
if he was experiencing dementia

who comes up to you and
fires off such observant questions?

he complained aloud, why do people
chase after the powerful?

i answered silently: the news
and gossip media
that profit from "people watching"

the old man shouted on,
making his case:

do they vote for politicians because of the
faith voters will gain a lavish lifestyle too?

he riveted my attention and
thoughts turned to the herd follower mentality

do they align themselves with the rich, the powerful,
hoping for sudden elevation to the exclusive club?

my mind went to wannabes of all kinds
and stripes in society:
fawning social climbers: annoying,
the yes people

the animated old man began to answer
his own questions, i remained silent:
still, listening, teachable

the powerful will always step on the vulnerable
to gain yet more power to withhold

the powerful will always use the weak,
promising the share of power,
only to deny it when most needed

i was drawn in, wondering
such a strange conversation:
where was he was going with all this?

his questions stabbed the air with force,
knowing he had his audience of one:
why chase after a mirage?

why give your power away
in the mistaken belief
it will make you more powerful?

why is it so few respect the truth?
why is it so many avoid the truth?

i had pondered those very same questions myself:
why did people waste time in these pursuits?
had he read my inner mind many times at once?

the old man peered deeper into my eyes,
a stare to ensure i'd remember his words

he chuckled as he pulled back from his intensity,
knowing i was not too sure of his odd behavior

sure, he remarked casually, the truth stings
our silly egos at times, but at a small price

why not honor and chase after
truth and wisdom
with the same fervor
as running after riches?

his face grew serious, his voice quieted
delivering his most important teaching
in the moment

truth leads to wisdom:
wisdom teaches how to wield
power and wealth to benefit All

the path to life’s balance,
he insisted, is this:
honor, truth and wisdom

he stepped away silently
while the atmosphere around me
was thick with inner awareness:
i was on the right track after all

as i awoke to the present
he was no longer standing
in front of me: disappeared

i wondered inside - almost aloud -
if i had just had a waking vision:
an angelic visitation

no, loudly whispered,
all around me in the air,
a long low chuckle:
i was really present
in the moment - with you!

Denny Lyon
Copyright 23 October 2009
All Rights Reserved
* revised, (OK, rewritten) Copyright 1 February 2013

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