Monday, January 27, 2014

God Talked

From Denny:  Reflecting upon how a successful and happy long-term relationship began.

Crow Symbol Women's Footed Pajamas

Check out the spiritual messages from the crow when they visit: "think unorthodox, raise your perspective, destiny calling, speak your truth, walk your talk, pierce illusions, walk between worlds, trust your intuition, be fearless; adapt."

God Talked

fifteen we met
he loved poetry
to Taiwan he mailed
reams of copied poems
from the school library he found

eight thousand miles
they traveled to cheer
proclaiming love he could not write
three years he wooed
til Louisiana college did unite

God stepped out of time’s midst,
proclaimed, he’s yours to marry
fine with me, i grinned agreed

long pause of wondering

and then

tapped God on the shoulder

excuse me, God,
but have you told him yet?

Denny Lyon
Copyright 25 May 2008
All Rights Reserved

Dove photo by muha... @ flickr

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