Thursday, June 10, 2010

Angels Left Behind: Orphans of the World

*** Poem about remembering the children of the world need our help.

Angels Left Behind: Orphans of the World

Orphans from war

Orphans from earthquakes

Orphans from famine

Orphans from AIDS

Children roam the streets in packs

Children hide alone in alleys

Children carry guns in Africa

Children ply the sex trade, weave rugs

Where are we?

Denny Lyon
Copyright 28 January 2010
All Rights Reserved

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Mystic Dave - Bless The Orphans

*** How can you help? A few dollars a month can help feed, educate and house an orphaned or at risk child. When a disaster like Haiti is first in the news the donations come pouring in at a rapid rate. Many relief agencies will tell you that the time they most need donations is when the news crews have packed up shop and gone home - people start to forget when the focus is no longer immediate.

The donations are needed all year long as these problems are long term. Who can't afford $5 a month as a donation all year long? Skip the occasional candy bar or Starbucks coffee and send that $5 along to help a child. You might think it is too small an amount but the charity knows they can make great use of it for one child.

There are a lot of relief agencies who have been around for decades, good people of an international effort, doing good in the world. Here's a great list of charities from many countries and religions who have a good track record of using donations wisely that I put up for a Haiti post. They have been at work on poverty and child issues for a long time: 67 Charities to Donate

*** BLOG CARNIVAL: When you write a poem about the orphans in the world I'll be glad to add your link to this post! Contact me, Denny Lyon, at this email address: or on Twitter: DennyLyon7. Keeping this blog carnival open until Valentine's Day so you have plenty of time to brain storm and craft a good write!

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Photo Credits

Child in Iran photo by unicefiran @ flickr

Haitian child photo by LucasTheExperience @ flickr

Street child little girl photo by -Gep- @ flickr

Child’s eye photo by apdk @ flickr

Kids’ feet photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

Child alone in the dark photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

Child soldier in Africa photo by hdptcar @ flickr

Children in India photo by etrenard @ flickr

Child’s cry for Peace photo by Pink Sherbet Photography @ flickr


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