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The People Seasons

An inner reflection on the twists and turns in Life, wondering how to avoid failures and cultivate successes.

Feather Cloud

When life goes off in an unexpected direction: What did I do wrong? When life is humming along, successful: What did I do right? The answers come in an unusual reply.  Read this one slowly with each pause as it is written in a more archaic form of English to touch lightly upon the emotional romantic.

The People Seasons

Drifting, ground shifting, away numerous friend intimates
Disappearing aching view, interim stint, desultory beloveds

Why, oh, why? Perplexed. Bewildered. What wrong did I?

Oct 9/10 Feather in a field

Silence awhile, waiting long, waiting fight, be now still
Life staggers erratic, stumbling epochs, rapid fire, bridging Time

Drawing renewing friends, happy, joyful, willing, sigh
Abiding refreshing love, one, true, remains near, aye
Stabbing pain my heart no more, love sustains, bouquet

Why, oh, why? Puzzled. Confounded. What right did I?

Feather 1

Rejoinder floating, winged inward came forth Heaven’s reply:

Growth sprung wondrous, flowering knowledge apprehended
Transforming violently, exquisitely fierce, awareness ascended
Gathered furious Seasons of Life, transfigured vicissitude, believed
Glorified, resounding, metamorphosis transformed,

Monarchs on Joe-Pye Weed




. . . I . . .


Denny Lyon
Copyright 12 Aug 2008
All Rights Reserved

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