Friday, May 7, 2010

Release Your Dreams and Spring into Life

*** The humor found living our lives each day...

From Denny: Sifting through all the odd surreal photos littered on the web, somehow I saw these as amusing and joined them together into one poem. The cool thing about those mind-bending surreal images is they make you think from a different direction. It's important to remember when we have a less than stellar day to approach our perception of that day from a completely new angle so we can easily regroup and refresh ourselves.

When we think of Spring and Easter we often think of buying some new clothes for the warmer season. In ancient times, people purchased new clothing as an outer sign of renewal. Spring time is all about the Hope of change and change that is for the good. That's what Spring is all about, a time to refresh and renew our inner selves.

Release Your Dreams and Spring into Life

Are there some days when you wonder which way is up in your life?

Are there some days when you feel like you are traveling a maze - and you don't know where the exit sign is located?

Do you have those days when you put forth a whole lot of effort just to break through to the surface?

Do you experience those times when you feel all entangled in life?

Do you ever watch the clock at work and then feel like dragging it off stage?

Do ever wonder if your pets are showing off to their friends by making you perform and do tricks?

Take a little time today and let your dreams out of their cages and set them free to soar!

Rejoice! It's Spring, the time of Hope and Renewal. Take time to cultivate the best of you...

Denny Lyon
Copyright 31 March 2010
All Rights Reserved

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