Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poetry of Life

Half the battle of spiritual development is nurturing a positive attitude to meet the challenges in Life.

How well I could write if I were not here!Image by Esther_G via Flickr

Poetry of Life

The economy in chaos
Job markets spiraling down
Home foreclosures rising
News is bleak

Why turn on the TV?

Marriages are rocky
Children are scared
Bosses are grumpy
Life is tense

Why turn on the TV?

Banks grab stingy
CEOs finger greedy
Markets careen wild
It is what it is

Why turn on the TV?

Focus on outward order
Work at the job there is
Make a home anywhere
Chart a new attitude

Turn the channel!

Keep smiling when it’s tough
Open your heart wide to sight
Opportunities coming your way
Laugh ‘til your sides hurt

Be mentally tough and live like
My Grand Dad did: Love long!

Denny Lyon
Copyright 16 July 2009
All Rights Reserved

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Quote: "Keep smiling. Humor pushes your attitude up and your heart wide open to sight the new opportunities coming your way." - Denny Lyon, 16 July 2009


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