Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Are All Sleeping Beauties

*** When you sleep, who do you become? Do you know how to do lucid dreaming? Do you know how to wisely use your spiritual intent? Do you know how to heal yourself through dreaming?

From Denny: Writing so many posts on the subject of sleep and dreaming this week it was only a matter of time before out popped a dream poem. :) I love the photography found to pair with it!

This poem did give me an opportunity to discuss lucid dreaming, reclaiming our spiritual authority - and how to wield it - and our intent - wisely in the Universe. We are all spiritual beings growing in our awareness of infinity - through our dreams. One day our night dreams become our waking reality as we learn to walk what we once thought impossible.

We Are All Sleeping Beauties

Dream Time

It’s that needed time
When our lives repeat,
Sifting through our day.
Sometimes, we explore
Years long ago when
Fear, envy and jealousy
Stalked us without mercy.
Our intent spoke darkly.

Dream Time

It’s that special time
When our lives spring anew,
Creating a life desired.
Sometimes, we invent.
We are the hero of the day.
We make plans ahead and
Look forward to happiness.
Our intent declared boldly.

Dream Time

It’s that healing time
When our lives easily restore,
Strengthening us to build again.
Many times we relive the past,
Choosing another decision
That changes the outcome now.
Awakening our authority unused,
Our intent walked powerfully.

Dream Time

It’s feared by some and
Treated to prescriptions.
It’s an annoyance for many
When easy sleep does not come.
The soul weary have not learned
The way of the dreamer poet:
Our dreams open us up to magic.
Our intent moves without limits.

Dream Time
It lures us by enchantment.
The impossible becomes possible.
There are no obstacles to hinder us
Rising from the lowest to the highest.
We are masters of our recognized world.
We are travelers of Time and Infinity.
We are well received, omniscient.
Our intent stalks the Universe wisely.

We are all Sleeping Beauties.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 26 February 2010
All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credits

Sleeping Beauty Photo by GettysGirl @ flickr

Cat dream time Photo by Robert Couse-Baker @ flickr

Toadstool and sunset Photo by alicepopkorn @ flickr

Blue Dreaming Woman Photo by h.koppdelaney @ flickr

Woman holding lotus flower Photo by sera leaving @ flickr

Dream of Life Photo by alicepopkorn @ flickr


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