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Monday, June 21, 2010

Stepping Through Life

*** Thinking about how a long list of small decisions can create our lives.

Stepping Through Life

It starts with one small step
One inch over the line, to the line.
People think it’s one defining decision.
It isn’t; it’s one small step for each decision.

It can go both ways.
Those that turn back and
Look upon their lives with remorse
See where they went wrong.

Those that reflect upon time and
Look back at their decisions
Know how their lives developed and
Rejoice where they went right.

People can delude themselves easily.
Politicians think they will delay
What the people need until they get
The money they need to stay in office.

Leaders forget to lead while
They take care of themselves first.
The people suffer needlessly and
Lose hope while forced to wait endlessly.

It’s human nature to put off today
What we could maybe do tomorrow.
It’s what we promise ourselves,
Thinking we will finally do better.

But when the day arrives to do better
We have taken so many steps over the line
We become hard-hearted and uncaring
And so it becomes our legacy.

Why not look at your today to decide
What you can do today for today?
Why wait until you think circumstances are better?
Choose the best of your life today and make it your legacy.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 21 June 2010
All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credits

Spiral stairs photo by Eustaquio Santimano @ flickr - light house, Amédée Island, New Caledonia. Originally built in France by Napoleon III, but was later transported to New Caledonia.

Castle steps by stevoarnold @ flickr - Framlingham Castle, Suffolk, England, UK

Wheel of life photo by Tim PopUp @ flickr - Sheffield, England, UK

Stepping out of darkness by pigliapost @ flickr - Aurora, Turin, Italy

Stepping stone reflections photo by raggio(ALL4HIM)productions - Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Ocean steps by soupboy @ flickr - Gandy, Florida, USA

Otley Steps by Tim Green aka atoach @ flickr - Otley, England, UK

Bridge steps by Jan Tik @ flickr - Portland, Oregon, USA

One giant step out into the ocean of Life by notsogoodphotography @ flickr - Maldives

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