Friday, June 11, 2010

Jazz Music

*** Get lost in the moment living a New Orleans night...

Jazz Music

New Orleans nights darken slowly and hang thick.
The French Quarter beckons locals and tourists alike.
Restless people pace the winding drink stained alleys,
Hypnotically drawn to jazz musicians shouting their song.

Crowds weave in and out of the small dark lit bars.
They drift toward a small table, an open chair,
Cigarette smoke wafting through the night clubs,
Swirling and dancing its own beat to the music.

Large doors lean tall, propped open to the Louisiana air.
Overhead fans beat in time to the music, chasing away the heat.
Aged piano players play loose, trumpets blare their news while
Clarinet players hum a merry tune to tell the music story

Step over the bar threshold, and, magically, everyone is in sync.
The band delivers the message, commands the pulsing music.
Contagious, it ripples through the night club, people swaying as
Their minds happily dance while they swill their next drink.

As the night slows down and the musicians say goodnight, their
Smooth renditions of traditional favorites soothing and thoughtful,
The music calms the patrons, stroking the night to a close.
One by one people rise, pay their bills and step back over the threshold.

Tourists and locals filter out onto the humid slippery streets
Laughing and talking about the speed of a piano player blurred in motion.
Satiated, drunk on the promises of “next time” linger in their thoughts,
Brushing the skin of their hopes sensually like a warm musical scent.

Denny Lyon
Copyright 21 May 2010
All Rights Reserved

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*** ALSO over at Dennys Art Sanctuary, hear some tunes from the dean of jazz pianists - Hank Jones:

Featuring Marilyn Monroes Jazz Pianist Hank Jones - Arts and Music Headlines 18 May 2010

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Photo Credits

Trumpet player in New Orleans by Larry Johnson @ flickr

Cats Meow bar on Bourbon Street by Larry Johnson @ flickr

Jazz neon sign by fabbio @ flickr

The Royal Street Bachelors by Loren Javier @ flickr

Piano player by Larry Johnson @ flickr

Overhead fan by Editor B @ flickr

New Orleans alley by mark_donoher @ flickr


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