Monday, November 29, 2010

Bitter Romance in the Garden

An amusing parable about relationships - and humor found after a mock bitter romance.

Bitter Romance In The Garden

Moody twilight rolled down the hilly sky

Lush garden welcomed me softly.

The lover looked on in secret;

Seductively, he whispered on the wind.

He escaped my notice;

Perfumed rose breezes distracted.

Pleasant, ending of the day.

Not seen, he brushed lightly my wrist, more;

I turned to see whose touch, no one.

The twilight lay down to sleep deep night.

I retired to my curving bed, wondering,

Who was that secret lover, unseen?

Next day at first light, I awakened.

At once, I knew that bitter lover, his name:

Poison Ivy.

You, cad, you.

Two weeks later, remembering,

Wearing, enduring your caustic kiss.

Decadent baths three times daily,

Soak away your incendiary romance,

Cooling the passion of your

Whispered, burning kiss.

No summer’s friend,

Liar in the garden,

False promising, secret lover,

Nature’s sneaky misfit,

Poison Ivy,

You, cad, you.

Beware that bitter garden romance…

Denny Lyon
Copyright 4 June 2009
All Rights Reserved

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Photo by Athena's Pix @ flickr


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