Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Loving You

How Love heals, nurtures, comforts, and builds trust so a person can blossom into great strength, and, in turn, give to others in their time of need.

Loving You

When we first married you nurtured me back to trusting
You held me, comforted me and restored my confidence in others.
You helped me heal deep soul wounds so I could truly live again.

You were patient loving me when you were not a patient man.
You were obvious about loving when you were a shy introspective man.
You supported and encouraged though you had never known abuse.

Over the years we saw changes around us in the world and inside us.
We continued to laugh a lot and often; we kissed daily our morning hello.
When we parted for work, we blew kisses at each other and “I love you too.”

As I strengthened I became your anchor in the storms of Life, returning your Love.
Job loss was greeted as “So, who cares? We will carve out another."
Financial dips of income from one year to the next was met with “We will rebuild.”

When severe illness visited our doorstep we pulled together and survived.
When disappointments harangued us we swept them away with the wind.
No matter what came at us, we pulled together and solved the problem.

Best friends and lovers, wife and husband, we have built a life time.
We have more than memories after decades of partnership and marriage.
We fell in Love at first sight as two old souls who suddenly recognized each other.

We fell in Love, stayed in Love - even through disagreements and misunderstandings.
We live in Love with a deepening relationship worth more than anything we could want.
What we want, we have: loving you…

Denny Lyon
Copyright 19 November 2009
All Rights Reserved

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