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Opposites In Love: Night And Day

A woman who is a night owl marries her opposite. How do they reconcile living together?

Another Idea for Writing Love Poetry.

From Denny:  People are often puzzled as how to go about writing love poetry without sounding like a greeting card or resorting to the childish rhyme of "Roses are red, Violets are blue" cuteness - though that can be a fun and campy take-off for the humor inspired.  Then there is the turning to very erotic poetry in the hopes of engaging the reader via stirring up lusty images.  Yeah, that kind of poem is definitely engaging but maybe not for all the right reasons. :)
For centuries lovers have expressed themselves in countless ways, much of it quite wonderful to read generations later. As I was pondering how to go about my own idea of a love poem without resorting to sensual, erotic or too sentimental I was reminded of how "opposites attract." This couple has been married a long time and also became best friends while they were falling in love. To this day they can talk for hours. Take a look at a part of their life and smile.  This is my life.

                                      Autumn Moon photo by *L*u*z*A* @ flickr from Colombia

Opposites in Love: Night and Day

She loves the deep of night
He loves the new early morn

She greets the moon sky traveler
He greets the sun horizon surprising

She is early to bed, happily awake in the night
He is early to bed, quickly sound to sleep

She meditates; cat naps, and prays, waits to rise
He dozes, resting deep in melodious kind repose

She awaits the clock to three in the soft night
He ignores the clock until sleep is well done

She rises to cold October stars,
sheltering secret regard
He sleeps on, oh, so warm, unaware yet sublime

She breathes freely the frosty night air
Eavesdropping to nature's hushed breezes

Her cats, nocturnal two, merge softly purring
She gives a careful ear to his breathing still low

Noiseless, closing the open door to night's chill
The silent trio walks out, farther,
grass yielding as
The ancient moon climbs higher to greet old friends

Showering pale intense light, full moon aglow
Stars glistening, flash messages for her alone

Two hours she listens, advice streams from the sky
Serenity, the calm of night wraps tightly until dawn

Reluctant she sees the night is fading,
returns to bed
Is it time to get up?
Sleepily, eyes opening, he inquires

She lovingly smiles and says,
the dawn comes to greet you
He returns her smile in slow agreement,
turning off the alarm

Steaming mugs of coffee she gifts to warm their hands
She returns outside, by his side, He begins his day

She wistfully bids goodbye to the beauty moon and
He smiles and quietly shouts great joy within,

Together they drink in the moon retiring, dissolving away
It is the time of the sun walking in to reign over their new day.

                                            Baltic Sunrise photo by elbfoto @ flickr from Germany

Denny Lyon
Copyright 21 October 2008
All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credits

Autumn Moon photo by *L*u*z*A* @ flickr

Baltic Sunrise photo by elbfoto @ flickr

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