Thursday, February 24, 2011

In Passing

A reflection upon just how much work we heap upon ourselves by resisting the obvious.

Crow and Tree - Heaven and Earth in Winter

In Passing

A famous person dies
A beloved relative passes
From this Earth too soon
We are left pondering
Our own fragile mortality and
Wondering what we will do
To fill the void of their place
In our too busy frantic lives


I look into the Spirit to see
The many that have passed
Living uncertain in their transition
There are many who are shocked
The next Life is not as they expected
There are those who are surprised
There is actually a second Life
For which they were not prepared
And ask themselves, “Now what?”

Heaven's Door

We people are odd curious creatures
We expect vain glory when we die
Trumpets blaring our arrival in Heaven
Drumbeats rushing our entrance into Hell
But the reality show is that it is no show at all
The Death Transition is a quiet silent place
Where we calm our turbulent thoughts and those
Chaotic unfocused emotions too busy to cooperate


Memories of the Path

Then the awareness comes swiftly to us now
Life is both the same and very different
Such a new paradox to live and explore
We are still ourselves with thoughts survived
Personalities just as flawed and sparkling fun
Our spirit bodies look as our physical ones
No longer do we labor to breathe through lungs
Yet we breathe with no effort now, so easily
Our hearts beat not as blood rushing through our veins
Now our heartbeat is a kind of music beating strong
We hear thousands of heartbeats beating in time
Dancing the song of Beauty in the Universe
And finally we recognize we are all One


Countryside - Lipperland

Denny Lyon
Copyright 8 Dec 2010
All Rights Reserved

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